Considering Cold Cases

Welcome to the Real Mysteries blog, where I will mostly be covering unsolved crimes. I will also be posting true crime film/book/podcast reviews and true crime news.
I know there are many true crime blogs out there, but I didn’t quite find the perfect blog for me, so I decided to create it myself.

My interest in true crime is steeped in curiousity. My inquisitive mind is more interested in the clues and mysteries left behind, rather than glamourizing murderers or seeking out gory photos. If this sounds like you, stick around, read my posts, and leave comments, because I’ll be posting about all my favourite unsolved crimes.

This blog covers unsolved crimes, true crime news, and reviews of documentaries, podcast, etc relating to true crime. I focus on unsolved cases because I am more interested in the victims than the killers. I believe its important to keep cold cases on people’s minds, because you never know when the big break in the case will come. I have been interested in true crime since I was a child, when a local child was murdered and there was a string of unsolved murders of children in my city. All have since been solved.

Please comment down below the unsolved crime you are most passionate about, and maybe one day you’ll see a post about it here.  And ten points if you recognize the billboard..

Let’s investigate some mysteries.

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