The Mysterious Disappearance of 4-Year-Old Michael Dunahee


On March 24, 1991, 4-Year-Old Michael Dunahee disappeared in broad daylight from Victoria, Canada while his parents were only meters away. There have never been any solid leads in the case.

At 12:30 p.m. Michael was going to play at a school playground as the family unpacked the car for mother Crystal’s flag football game. Crystal told Michael he could play and to wait to for his father Bruce to come over. “I did up his hood, because it was windy out that day, and I let him go to the park and told him to stay there and wait for Daddy to come, “says Crystal. However when Bruce headed over to the playground, Michael wasn’t there. “The police don’t think he made it to the playground,” Crystal has said. “Somewhere between our car and the playground, something happened.”

Michael’s disappearance is believed to be an abduction. There were no witnesses to the event. One witness saw a man in his 40s or 50s in the area, and a brown van, however, this information did not garner further leads. It was one of the largest police investigations in history, but there have never been any viable leads. The chief of police at the time now believes that Michael was taken by a person or persons without criminal or police records and “totally unknown in this community.”

The family continue to hope that they will learn what happened to Michael. Michael’s younger sister Caitlin (now 26) has set up a Facebook page titled We Will Never Forget Michael Dunahee. Since 1991, DNA tests have been done on several men of Michael’s age, in hopes for a match, but the tests have been negative.

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