Missing: Frank D. Frazier


Frank D. Frazier was just a few weeks shy of his nineteenth birthday when he went missing from his Houston, Texas home in 1990. He was a student at Alief Elsik High School when he disappeared.

On October 26, 1990, Frank walked his sister Nakia from their home to her bus stop. A neighbour saw Frank stop and have a chat with someone in front of Frank’s home. Frank’s little sister always looked up to him and saw him as her protector. “He was my best friend,” she says, “[Frank] was very outgoing. He had a lot of friends. He never met a stranger and a lot of people cared about him.”

Frank’s sister Nakia came home on October 26, 1990 and found the house in disarray and a pool of blood on the sofa where he was last seen resting. “I knew right away something was wrong because our furniture had been moved,” said Nakia. Blood was also found on the carpet beside the sofa, and a few drops were found in the driveway in front of the home.


Houston police theorized that his disappearance was connected to gang activity. Frank’s family say he was not into drugs or part of a gang. Frank’s sister has stated “The Houston police department never really took my brothers case seriously. They kept insisting that he was on the run based on their theory that he himself had committed the violent act which left our home stained with blood.” says Frazier. “The second theory that they insisted on was that he was into drugs or a part of a gang. Nothing could be further from the truth! HPD wasted time blaming the victim instead of helping my family to find him and find out who did this.”

As per a 2014 news article, Det. Mark Kral of the Houston Police Cold Case is working the case. He has stated Frank had no gang affiliation. He also said that the police were testing some DNA. You can read this article and watch a short video by clicking here.


In 2014, the family held a candlelight vigil in hopes to raise publicity for the case. They wish to finally find out what happened to Frank, and, if he is deceased, to recover his body to give Frank a proper Christian burial.

As recently as 2016, I saw references of a Facebook page ‘Solve Franks Case’ online, however it appears that the page has been taken down. At first I had hoped maybe this means the family has had a resolution, however Frank is still listed on national and state missing persons registers.


I have my own questions regarding this case. The first is who would want to hurt Frank Frazier? He was a high school student, I would guess he is too young to have large enough debts that would get him killed. He wasn’t into drugs or gangs. Why was he violently abducted from his home? What could be the motive, and could this crime have been committed by one individual?


A pool of blood was found one the couch where Frank was resting. Was he awake when he was attacked? If he was asleep, he could have woken up in the middle of a burglary. His sister states that furniture was in disarray but I never read if anything was missing from the home or if a robbery was suspected. It was not nighttime, so I’d like to know if Frank frequently napped in the day and if he could have been asleep when he was attacked. If he was awake, that would paint a different picture. If someone came into your house to attack you, you wouldn’t be likely to sit on the sofa and wait to get attacked. You might be attacked on your sofa if you knew your attacker. Perhaps Frank and a friend were hanging out and something happened. I’d like to know if law enforcement identified who the neighbour saw Frank talking to that day and if they were thoroughly interviewed.


My next question is why the abduction and how was Frank transported. It’s one thing to murder someone in their home, but it’s an entirely different ballgame to abduct the person you’ve injured. Then you are tasked with finishing the job if they’re not deceased, you run the risk of them escaping or attacking you, or, if they are dead you now have a body to deal with. Why not just leave Frank there? Next, how was Frank moved? Was he able to walk out himself under coercion or did he have to be forcibly moved. Frank weighed 170 lbs, not easy for a single person to handle. Then where was he taken? Police identified blood droplets up until the driveway, was he put in a vehicle? Does that indicate premeditation? Did police interview all of Frank’s friends who would typically visit Frank in a car? If Frank was killed that day, where is his body? You have to be lucky or experienced to hide a body for that long.


As of now, 2017, it’s been 27 years since Frank disappeared. At this rate, we’re waiting for an accidental discovery of the body or a confession from the responsible party, if they are still alive. I hope one day there will be justice for Frank D. Frazier.

Additional Photos

Frank as a child with his sister Nakia:


Crime Scene photos:

Pool of blood on the couch


Close-up of blood on the carpet beside the couch



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