The Tragic Unsolved Murder of Mandy Zani: My Guest Episode on The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast


(Druid’s Altar; image source)


It’s September 30, 1995, and a man takes his two children and dog for a walk at Druid’s Altar, just north west of Bradford, UK. This outcropping of rocks looks upon the Aire Valley on the southern edge of Bingley. They stumble upon a terrible sight.

It was Mandy Zani, a teenage girl. Her decomposed body was lying in a natural decompression and had been covered with branches from nearby trees. The chiffon scarf used to strangle her was still around her neck and she was fully clothed. When her body was found, time of death was not clear, it was estimated she had been killed some time in the past two weeks.

She has been described by those close to her as as pretty, polite, gregarious and bubbly. School friends described her as happy and popular. What went wrong?

You can find out by listening to my guest episode on The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast. This is one of my favourite podcasts ever! The range of cases are very interesting, for example the last three cases before mine were The Anglesey Vampire, “The Beast Of Manchester”, and The Dogwalker Slayings. If you can tell me you already know everything about those cases I’ll eat my hat!

I was honoured to be included in this brilliant podcast, and thrilled to share it with you all. The case of Mandy Zani is so tragic and sad, and unsolved to this day. What happened to this 15-year-old girl who lived in Bradford, UK?

How to listen to the podcast:

  1. You can listen to it online at The True Crime Enthusiast blog. The podcast contains two cases, my case starts at 23:25, but I recommend you listen to the whole thing!
  2. Episode 19, iTunes Link
  3. Search True Crime Enthusiast in your favourite podcast app, the episode I am featured in is Episode 19 Listener Week.

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