Where Is Brandy Nicole Taymon-Wilson? A Guest Post from CrimeBlogger1983


Brandy Nicole Taymon-Wilson went missing from Indiana in 2002.

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to present you all with this guest post from one of the best true crime blogs out there: CrimeBlogger1983. His blog was one of the inspirations for my blog. I came across it while researching a potential case, once I came upon his coverage of the same case, I knew I couldn’t compete. Seriously, this guy is good. Let’s get on with it:


Brandy Nicole Taymon-Wilson 

  • Clinton County Sheriff’s Office: 1-765-654-5563
  • Police Case #: 02-06-02826
  • NCIC Case #: M-021560242
  • NamUs Case Number: MP #1134



Personal Information

  • Date Of Birth: 7/12/1977
  • Missing Since: 6/4/2002 from Colfax, Indiana
  • Height and Weight: Around 5’4 Around 135 lbs (Various sites state 5’3 & 130 lbs)
  • Hair and Eyes: Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
  • Parents: Pam McGuire
  • Spouse: Kenneth D. Wilson
  • Kids: Allen Taymon and Kenny Wilson Jr.
  • Address: 3819 W. Clinton County Rd 600 S
  • Colfax, Indiana
  • Employer: Donaldson Plant in Frankfort

“We don’t know whether she’s dead or alive,” said Pam McGuire, Wilson’s mother. “If we had some kind of closure, it would help. This not knowing is just hard.”

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Circular Shaped Scar on the back of her neck
  • Flower Tattoo on Left Breast
  • Both Ears are Pierced
  • Sometimes wears eyeglasses

Circumstances of Disappearance

Brandy’s Husband Kenneth D. Wilson stated he last saw his wife at home when he returned from work at 7:30am on the 4th of June in 2002. (He worked the night shift) He stated he went to sleep and woke up at 2pm and she was gone. (Yea, Sure) Her purse, identification and car were still at the house. (Hmm, Well what woman needs those things right?) None of her possessions were missing. $400 was missing from what was described as the couples “Private Stash”. Along with $20 that belonged to her 8 year old son.

Kenneth then reported her missing Wednesday after contacting friends in an effort to find her. The couple had an 8 month old son together. And Brandy had an 8 year old son from a previous marriage. Both had been staying with Kenneth’s parents while the two of them worked on some problems they were having with their marriage. Kenneth did state that the 2 of them did argue the morning she disappeared.

Police searched the surrounding areas around the Colfax home and utilized cadaver dogs. The K-9s did hit on a small shed outside the back door. Nothing else came of this however. Divers from 2 different Sheriffs Departments searched local ponds in the wooded area near the home and didn’t find anything as a result.

After failing to find anything pointing in the direction of Foul Play, police went at the case from the standpoint of it being a Missing Persons Investigation. Police conducted interviews with Family, Friends, and Co-Workers. She reportedly told a friend that if she didn’t show up for work the next day (4th) then something bad happened to her. Law Enforcement stressed everyone cooperated with the interviews. Kenneth D. Wilson was given a polygraph test. I have not read that LE ever released the results. He is the only person to have been given one.

Some time in the following month (July) Law Enforcement received a typed letter that included “Legitimate Leads” according to then Detective Rick Morgan of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department. According to newspaper accounts the problem with the letter was that it gave enough information to work with. But not enough to make any kind of progress. Law Enforcement have yet to release the letter. And they stressed for the author to come forward and that they could even remain anonymous. To this date the author has not come forward.

An interesting aspect to this case is that during the investigation it was learned that Brandy left the residence without taking either of the family’s vehicles. Dental Records were eventually used to compare with a Jane Doe that was found in Kentucky. But it was not a match.


Pics of the house and surrounding area: Note the remoteness of the area

image image

Original Missing Persons Report

This is the original missing person’s report

  • Missing Since: June 4, 2002 from Colfax, Clinton County, Indiana
  • Classification: Endangered Missing
  • Date Of Birth: July 12, 1977
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 5’3″-5’4″
  • Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Female
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Circular scar on back of neck, tattoo of a “flower” on her left breast (possibly a rose), pierced ears. Wears eyeglasses.
  • AKA: Brandy Nicole Taymon-Wilson
  • NCIC Number: M-021560242
  • Case Number: 02-06-02826
  • Dentals: Available

Details of Disappearance

Brandy was last seen at approximately 2:00 p.m. at her residence in Colfax, IN. She left behind her husband, two sons, her wedding bands and purse. Friends and family describe Brandy as a loving mother to her sons and find it difficult to believe she would willingly leave them behind. According to her husband Kenny’s statements, made immediately after Brandy vanished, the two were having marital problems. He stated the two argued the morning she disappeared. Kenny, however, has never been named a suspect and no evidence has surfaced that indicates he is connected. He is the only person who has been given a polygraph test in relation to Brandy’s disappearance.

Investigating Agency

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Clinton County Sheriff’s Office (765) 654-5563 Ext 249 Detective Brendon Bright. (765) 659-6393. Please if you have any information that could help lead to finding out what happen to Brandy please contact the number above. Although it has been 15 years this is not considered a cold case, it is still active with Detective Bright and the Indiana State Police.

More Pics





THE HUSBAND. He was the only one known to be with her at the time. He admitted they were having marital issues. He admitted they had argued that morning. None of her possessions were missing. Purse and IDs were left at the residence. Both cars were still there. He is the only one to be given a polygraph. I wouldn’t believe the amount of money being taken as being fact. Apparently the 8 year old (Allen Taymon) at the time lived with his aunt on his mothers side until he grew up. And the then 8 month old Kenny Wilson Jr lived or still lives with Kenneth. From what I read neither of the boys know each other. And only the older one remembers his mom. If we are to maintain Kenneth killed Brandy which I do. Then we have to acknowledge he had around a 24 hour head start. And it was convenient that his kids were staying at his mothers house the very day she ended up missing. One thing I’ve read numerous times is she was last seen around 2pm. Who saw her? Kenneth stated he woke up and noticed she was gone. Kenneth had some issues regarding a business he owned at some point. He faced several charges regarding it. The article is listed in the links above. Pretty obvious where the case should go. Lack of a body has prevented the investigation from continuing further.



Considering Cold Cases: Again, it’s been an honour to have a guest post from CrimeBlogger1983 on my blog. Please everyone go check out his blog: https://crimeblogger1983.blogspot.co.uk/

6 thoughts on “Where Is Brandy Nicole Taymon-Wilson? A Guest Post from CrimeBlogger1983

  1. As far as anyone I’ve ever spoken to about Brandy’s disappearance, everyone believes her husband killed her. I haven’t a single doubt that he did. Those poor boys had to grow up without their mom while a murderer walks free.


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