EAR/ONS/GSK Update: They Caught Him

He is the Visalia Ransacker as well and has confessed. His name is Joseph DeAngelo. He is former law enforcement (including during the time of his crimes). After he was fired for stealing dog repellant and a hammer, he relocated and escalated to killing. His quiet periods coincide with the dates of his children’s birth. He was married and has two kids. Unknown if still married. For last 20 years at least he has lived within close proximity to the crime scene. Joseph DeAngelo is a 100% DNA match to GSK and apparently is cooperating with police (including confessing to being the Visalia Ransacker).

BBC article  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-43899483 

An amazing day! I’m so glad they caught him and his victims can be at rest. I have to wonder how his family is reacting too right now…

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