This blog covers unsolved crimes, true crime news, and reviews of documentaries, podcasts, etc relating to true crime.
I focus on unsolved cases because I am more interested in the victims than the killers. I believe its important to keep cold cases on people’s minds, because you never know when the big break in the case will come.
I try to cover a diverse selection of cases from different countries and different victim profiles. I strive to cover cases which I believe will benefit from a larger web presence.
I do take requests from my readers. You may submit a request via email to consideringcoldcases@gmail.com, or you may message me on social media (links on sidebar)

I have been interested in true crime since I was a child, when a local child was murdered and there was a string of unsolved murders of children in my city. All have since been solved.


Recommendations – What to check out next!
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TV Series (Includes Miniseries): On Death Row, Disappeared, O.J.: Made in America The Dissappearance of Natalee Holloway, Snapped, The Keepers, The Jinx, The Confession Tapes
Podcasts: Casefile True Crime, Canadian True Crime, Once Upon a Crime, True Crime Garage, Unconcluded, Someone Knows Something, The Generation Why Podcast, Serial (Season 1), Phoebe’s Fall, Court Junkie, Stuff You Missed in History Class (has some crime episodes)
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